Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays to All

Here we are back in the Sea of Cortez, Santispac Beach with Batwing. We will spend the holidays here as well as the winter, We hope to be joined by a couple different friends this winter and have lots of small boat jobs to do. Di will continue painting watercolors scenes of our surroundings. Ron is learning more classical music on his guitar,  and we hope to update this blog sometime during the new year! And Erica continues her studies at Berkeley, hopefully only one more year in Landscape Architecture.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Art Gallery on the beach and Dinghy sailing

We met Ann Lockett an accomplished watercolor artist on Santispac beach and her family (Bill and Michelle) and Diane took her watercolor workshop and joined local painters on their Tuesday painting sessions. Meahwhile Ron got the dinghy out and tried out the newest junk sail he made this summer for the kayak. !!

Batwing goes back into the water

Batwing launched by Slade Green in Guaymas, Batwings sails., Mulege town square, Drascombe sailing from the NOLS organization,
raising money for the Rotary Club good causes at the annual Pig Races.

We launched in January and sailed all the way to Posada in Conception Bay then located and anchored ourselves in Santispac.  Meeting new and old friends, kayaking and dinghy sailing. Top pic is Sandy Woods and Ron showing a sample bottle of Scotch that had been shared on Coyote beach and Batwing. Next pic is a Wharram cat that was restored by Shawn who resides on El Burro Cove.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Nearby Abiquiu reservoir, new kayak sail and our resident Bighorn Sheep Herd

Hiking near the Rio Grande on the Orilla Verde trail gave us an unexpected treat. A small herd of Bighorn Sheep. Also Ron made another junk sail out of Tyvek using the same method and design of Batwing's new sails. We drove to Abiquiu Res using Ron's modified trailer to haul the kayak. Sails worked very well in light winds. Later we stopped in El Rito for Mexican food at El Farolito.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Projects,Art, hikes, and more guests in Taos

As the summer progressed we painted the openings to the house Taos blue to keep out the evil spirits. Ron finished the poo box so we have a beautiful throne in the chief; we went to Burning Hand in Pilar --a take off on burning man. We attended lots of art studios and art openings and joined plein aire painters here in Taos..  Ron made the teepee he has wanted for a long time. Later we will paint decorations on it. We have hiked around the ski mountain and we had Cuz Rick and Richard and their cute dogs (shelties)stay in their airstream!!! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013